Roach Droppings

30 Apr

Hi, it’s me, Mavis speaking!  Juniper is out of commission at the moment.  (severely afraid of roaches)  I know what you are all thinking.  How can she be afraid of roaches?  It’s pretty crazy if you ask me!  She, Gertrude, Curry and I were all hangin’ out by the main tent chatting with the legless girl yesterday.  Damn is it sweltering hot here in Texas!  That’s all we ever talk about right now.  I can’t even take Perle for her nightly strolls anymore.  She can’t handle the sweltering heat.  Anyway, we were chattin’ with Verona the legless lady, when a meaningless little roach came flittering across the dusty dirt floor of the circus clearing.  Now, you know how I reacted.  Mavis is a tough gal.  I was raised in the circus walls.  I merely sat there and continued to talk.  Curry, of course, bein’ a cat and all, was inclined to jump up and chase it.  He was determined to hunt it and eat it.  I admit I find that a bit repulsive.  But, Jun’ she could not handle the scene at all.  The screams ensued, and she bounded in the other direction like a Cheeta on Mini Thins.  Gertrude, Curry and Verona just sat there and shrugged.  Even though Gertrude is disgusted by all bugs, she is not afraid of them.  That’s good.  Anyway, we are definitely going to have to work on poor Juniper’s phobia.  It simply does not synchronize with the vibe at the circus.  Besides, she woke up poor Perle from her nap.  Love you all, Mavis

P.S. Texas is F’n Hot 😉


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