Separation and Tossing Fruit

30 Apr

Time has long since passed, and I have yet to have written one word about my life since the last blog.  I apologize.  However, I must testify that my world has been mighty chaotic since the last update.  Lately, I have been performing day and night with my troupe.  The crowds are unruly.  They have been tossing rotten animal carcasses and vegetables at us.  All of this absurdity has led many of the circus performers to leave.  We have had to search for substitutes.  But, as you know, it is simply difficult to find a sub for a one-legged midget.  A circus cannot post job listings in the newspaper.  It has been tough times folks.  On top of everything else, the siamese twins are having separation anxiety. Not in the typical sense.  But they are afraid that one will leave the other in the middle of the night.  (I know what you’re thinking… Cuckoo!)  Yes, they might have to be committed.  That’s one more set of performers that we will be losing. My assistant has been on vacation, of course, since I haven’t been needing her much for cataloging my life. I do believe we shall be revealing her identity in the next blog folks.  Stay tuned!  She is very excited!  -Mavis Rose


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