Serious Stuff… Read With Caution.

30 Apr

As most of you already know, Mavis Rose has had a pretty amazing life. Well, today I am here to tell you a little story about all the crazy things that have happened to her to make her the magnificent lady that she is today. Many traumatic, yet life changing events have occurred throughout her long life. She has been upset, but she has persevered. It all began when she was a little girl. Mavis’ father had children from another relationship. Unfortunately, one of the younger little ninos passed away before Mavis was five years old. It was a tragic accident really. He poisoned himself with cyanide from the witch doctor’s brief case. The entire family was shocked and very sad. His mother was depressed her entire life, and Mavis took the news very hard. She still thinks about him to this day. Shortly thereafter, Mave lost her leg in “the accident”. Without her leg, she faced many new life challenges. In fact, her entire life was different and would never, never be the same. Then, to top it all off, her father fell ill about the same year. He was sick for a very long time. If you didn’t already know this, Mavis is a “Daddy’s girl”. Luckily, and to Mavis’ delight, her father bounced back and is now 124 years old. She is so happy that he is better. Another thing that Mavis told me that has been going on for years is that her little brother whom she used to play with behind the circus tent when they were young, never calls or writes. It breaks her heart every day that he is so distant and that they never communicate. This is always in the back of her mind. Her mother. Mave’s relationship with her mother is fair to midland. They get along occasionally, but sometimes they get in tiffs, so Mavis can only stand so much of her company. Her mother is also incredibly old: 123 years. I will continue to vent about Mavis’ problems, because she continually tells me about them, and I need to get them off my chest. She is a funny girl, but a lady has issues too! She recently confessed that although her wooden leg has been a blessing in some ways (because of her profession) it is a burden at times. She has to construct her entire lifestyle around it and rely on other people a lot. For instance: She can’t drive. One good thing in her life is that she found her best friends. Gertrude and Edith Mae. Without them, she doesn’t know what she’d do. Also, she has great parents. They are always there for her. Even though she has all these issues, our lady Mavis loves her job as a circus trainer and hopes to do many more great things in her life.


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