Sexy Dirty Bearded Men

30 Apr

She was a connoisseur of peanuts, a “Real Texas Woman”.  Mavis met her at a gypsy camp in the hill country of Texas last weekend.  Molly Jo-Vintage was a magnificent woman of 80 years old.  A young woman to Mavis.  They became instant best girl friends!  Mavis told Molly how she was expecting but was still interested in finding a beau, so Ms. Molly Vintage showed her around the camp, and introduced her to some mighty handsome, yet mighty hairy gypsy boys!  Mavis sure does find those hippie types sexy.  She doesn’t go for those clean-cut men.  No sir-ee-bop!  They just turn her stomach inside out!  It’s those boys with the musky armpits and the beards that really get her excited!  If they’re cute enough, she just might get brave enough to ask ’em out.  Sometimes she needs a fresh pair of panties too!  Ooops!  This is getting to be a little explicit, but who is censoring?  Anyway, Mavis had an exquisite time as usual on her gypsy adventure.  Gertrude even had fun splashing in the river with all the hippies and their little kids jumping on her back.  It was funny watching her.  She was like a hippo jungle gym!  -The End


2 Responses to “Sexy Dirty Bearded Men”

  1. Rita Childress May 18, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    wherem can i meet some of these hairy men?

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