Smokin’ Hot Ass

30 Apr

Have you ever wondered what Mavis’ ass looked like?  Probably not.  Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway!  A woman with a peg-leg that has experience on a tight rope does not just have any ass.  She has a smokin’ Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang “I like big butts” kinda juicy ass.  The kind you walk by and look twice at.  The ass you want to spank so hard you can’t see straight.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare that Mavis Rose Sinclair has an ass worthy of sportin’ the sexiest panties in the universe!  If anyone should want to refute these claims please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:  PO Box 223/ Panty Lane/ Memphis,TN, 74562  Sincerely Yours, Mavis’ personal assistant


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