Sniffing My Shorts?

30 Apr

Mavis and her friend Paulo Morsiano, were chatting the other day about laundry.  She was explaining how difficult it is for her to wash her clothes at the menagerie and while she is on the road.  Paulo is a migrant worker from Endsville, so he has the same problem.  Mave was telling Mr. Morsiano, that most of the time she ends up washing her clothes by hand in a tin tub on a wash board and hanging them to dry on a line.  Her favorite soap is either rose or sandalwood, and she loves the way the sun naturally bleaches out the whites.  However, she did admit that her dream it to someday have a nice washer and dryer for convenience.  Paulo, on the other hand, said that he usually goes to a washeteria or a place that washes his clothes for him!  Mavis thought he was a lazy bastard.  She asked him if he minded that other people saw his undergarments, and he nonchalantly replied, “If they want to sniff my shorts that’s their problem.   All I care about is ifn’s I gets ’em back clean!”  Then he snickered as if he had solved the world’s laundry problems.  Mavis was disgusted!  The thought of someone smelling panties made her want to throw up her last supper!  -The End


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