Spawn of a Carny

30 Apr

Well, I sure am glad to have the kid out of my uterus. It’s bad enough having to hobble around on a wooden leg, beat a hippo into submission and strangle her with panties. But imagine having a giant fetus in your belly on top of all that! No wonder I was depressed for so long! That trip to the amazon sure was a relief. Perle was worth it though. She has that ugly old carny’s eye. That’s about all that was cute on his face. I wonder what happened to him anyway? I guess I’ll tell Perle that her dad died with dignity in a fire breathing accident or something… and that he was a handsome devil. Who wants to live their life knowing that they are the spawn of a seedy one night stand with an alcoholic carny! Sorry Perle, I hope you never read this. Well, I’m glad something good came of that night. I have a beautiful baby girl destined for a successful career as a circus gal (just like her family). It’s in the blood I guess. She’s a natural. I noticed that Perle is very flexible. Maybe, she can be an acrobat and a freak. Multi-talented. Just like her mother! I am so proud! Ta-Ta for now, Mavis Rose

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