Splinter in a Wooden Leg?

30 Apr

Mavis’ trailor has wooden floors.  She usually takes off her shoes when she steps inside in an ’Asian’ tradition.  It keeps the floors cleaner.  Plus, she feels silly tromsin’ around in nothin but panties and high-heels alone in her trailor.  Wouln’t you?  Anyway, she was really excited the other night and was rehearsing the latest dance moves.  She slide sloppily across the floor like a mad banchie, and low and behold:  Mave managed to get a splinter in her peg leg.  Now, you probably think this is impossible, but it’s not.  It was a ginormous hunk of the floor wedge deep into a crevice at the tip of her peg.  She was mortified!  How could this be?  She was on in 10 minutes!  She shouted, “You all can shove your Japanese traditions of taking your shoes of at the door, I am wearing shoes on these wretched floors!” Worst of all there were no doctors at the menagerie.  Mave thought fast.  There was an on site animal physician.  That would have to do.  Quickly, she hobbled over to the barnyard where Dr. Phenwilson was staying with the animals.  At the time he was coaxing a Monkey to regurgitate a piece of tight rope that was lodged in her intestines, so mave had to wait.  Finally, Dr. Phen took a look.  It was a quick prognosis, and he tweezed it out with ease.  And of course there would be no infection.  Mave got to her show just in the nick of time, and the show went great.  -The End  *Blog inspired by drunken story at party.


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