Spring Outing

30 Apr

When you walk outside with lacy panties on your head, a giant hippo at your side and breath in the fresh air, life never feels better!  Today, Gertrude and I decided to wear our panties as hats, lather up with SPF 45 sunscreen and venture out into the urban wilderness.  We simply love going out on Sunday outings.  The chirping birds, smoltering sun pounding on the asphalt, and the car exhaust all mix together are the perfect recipe for a spring day walk.  We meander up and down sidewalks, through trodden dirt pathways, alleys and sometimes wind through parking lots.  It’s exciting for us to invent our own map of how to get to places and destinations, and we always take an alternate route each time.  Our destination today was the downtown square.  Once we arrived, Gertrude decided to enter one of the local gift shops.  We found many old treasures there.  I was terrified that she might shatter some of the antique glass with her monstrous ass (it was precariously balanced on every edge in the store), but luckily we made it out without any accidents.  I even purchased some swanky new summer gloves!  Our next stop: the lovely Opera House, which is of course a wonderful home of reading material and music.  It’s a wonderful place to lose yourself in.  Gertrude loves the children’s book section.  I, personally, love the poetry.  Our lackadasical outing ended with a tasty treat at the icecream parlour.  I had chocolate rasberry capaccino chip, and Gertrude had orange sherbert.  It was a blissful spring day.  I am definitely in better spirits.  Sorry if I’ve been a sour-puss lately.  I’ll try to be more cheerful.

Love, Mave

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