Tea Party For Edie Mae

30 Apr

Onto the tea set! The menagerie is on fire! “Don’t let the big cats out! They’ll eat the patrons!” Chaos! Chaos! Everywhere I look there is green tea and milk flooding into the tents. The elephants and the monkeys wear lacy panties and sip Earl Grey. What a day! Where are all the patrons going? To the coog tent? Who is the dancer? Why it’s Edie Mae! She just got hired! What a beautiful woman clad in tassled pasties and sequins! Look at how she sways and swings her long golden hair while sipping mint tea. (multi-tasking waitress talent) That’s why we hired her! Into the tents! The tea is piping hot! The cups are clanking, and the ladies and gents are wearing their finest digs. Gertrude and I are dancing round and round like nymphs on a merry-go-round; the patrons clapping in unison to the beat of the stomping feet! The aroma of tea is tantalizing, hypnotizing… we can’t even keep our eyes open. With heavy lids we all stumble to our wagons slipping into tea-crazed slumber and dream of the days wild adventures. Oh, what a glorious day! The celebration of the hiring of Edie Mae!


2 Responses to “Tea Party For Edie Mae”

  1. Rita Childress May 15, 2010 at 11:36 pm #


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