Temporarily Insane in the Membrane

30 Apr

For no apparent reason, Mavis has been writing terrible blogs lately.  You all have noticed.  She has also been having an incredible boring streak.  Don’t act like you don’t care.  Hey, a girl can’t be perfect all the time.  She can’t always look sexy.  She can’t always have perky tits, and she sure as hell can’t always walk straight with a wooden leg after having 20 shots of whiskey!  It’s a true story!  Today at lunch, Mavis and Gertie challenged, Al the mechanic to a whiskey drinking duel, and guess who won?  I don’t even have to tell you.  It was a bad decision on their part though, because they still had to do their afternoon performance, and Gertrude put her panties on inside out.  The crowd was bowling over in laughter.  It was rather embarrassing, but perhaps it helped their act since it was funny.  The fact that Mave was teetering and tottering like a rooster weather vane on a stormy day did not help their show, but they made it through.  But now she has a pounding whiskey hangover headache. -The End

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