That Would Be Swell

30 Apr

Mavis is my hero. Mavis is a genius. She is the candy in my pinata: the icing on my cupcake. When I think of our peg-legged heroine, I think, “Gosh, she really is the cat’s meow!” I wish I was half as cool as her! Sometimes, when I’m watching her wrastle Gertie to the ground with her panties, I get real excited! I start day-dreamin’ ’bout all the things I would do if I were a hippo trainer too. One time she and I were talkin’, and she even said that if she were to kick the bucket, I might be able to take over her hippo trainin’/panty wheelin’ business. Oh boy! That would be swell, wouldn’t it? I just don’t know what I would do! I wonder if Gertrude would be happy? She would probably get really depressed if Mavis croaked. Let’s not talk about that. I bet Mave will live to 300 years old! She’ll be a circus legend! Her secret is drinking lots of water and eating hibiscus flowers. Try it! You’ll see instant results in your complexion! Anyway, I should just quit dreamin’ about becoming a hippo trainer and start my own endeavor. What should it be? Any suggestions? Sincerely, Mavis’ personal assistant

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