The Answer is in Your Panties

30 Apr

Once upon a time, Mavis had a friend that was exploring the possibility of becoming a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He thought it was a grand idea for a while, so he bought a nice black suit, a white dress shirt and some new black dress shoes. The patrons of the church welcomed him with open arms. They immediately became his friends, fed him, and for some reason, all of the girls clustered around him as if all of them thought he was the “frog’s pajamas”. He thought it was still a good idea, because he felt at home, and since he was a foreigner in this country, it was good. This went on for some time, but he had given up his former lifestyle of drinking, smoking and caffeine addiction for a “purer life”. He began to miss all of those things, and he and his old friends no longer could party together. For a short while, he even dated a Mormon girl. They went on group dates and could not kiss or hold hands. Of course, her parents did not approve. They told her she should not date him because he wasn’t white. Mavis was beginning to get pissed off, because as a long time performer in the circus, her friend was spending less and less time under the tents. He started to believe that the circus was “evil”. One day, it eventually dawned on him that he missed his old friends and his circus family so much that he decided to skip church. It felt really great! Guess what happened? Three sisters from the church showed up on his trailer steps! He was so annoyed by this action that he realized that they were just trying to bait him like a fish, so that they could merely have one more member of their church! He decided then and there that he would never return to that fake luring place. They continued to pester him every Sunday, but he never gave in. Mavis told him to answer his door in his panties, drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar. Guess what? It worked!d


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