The End

30 Apr

I must say, ’tis better to confront ones problems head on rather than to skirt the issue. Although, I do love skirts. (especially short ones that show off my panties) But let’s not get off subject here. The previous blog mentioned the strange characters creating noises in the night that disturbed my beauty rest. Well, rather than ignoring the issue, I decided to head upstairs. The man above me was a sinewy fellow with thin lips and tossled rusty rouge hair. I think he was wearing eye liner. His pants were so tight that you could see the pulse in his member. It was my mission to bring to his attention that his clicking and clacking all night long keeps me up into the wee hours. So, I decided to bring Gertrude with me! All she had to do was open her massive jaw, growl, and he never made a peep again. -the end

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