The Moon Is, In Fact, Not Made of Panties

30 Apr

As Gertrude and Mavis set out on their quest to find the clothesline on the moon.  They realized, “There isn’t a clothesline on the moon with panties on it at all!”  In fact there really is a man on the moon and he controls the tides, women’s menstral cycles, and how many pair of socks are manufactured in China each year.  Too bad, Mavis was so excited about finding a plethura of panties on the moon or an equivalent of “The Garden of Eden of Undergarments” or something to that extent.  Oh well!  Better luck next time.  But, The Man on the Moon did send them home with a killer souvenir of ‘moon cheese’ which Gertrude ate on the long journey home.  -The End

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