The Moon is Made of Panties

30 Apr

Sometimes when you look into the sky, a cloud blocks the view.  Other times the night sky is as clear as a bell.  One night, Mavis peered into the heavens above, and low and behold, she saw a clothesline on the moon!  No, she was not on LSD!  She’s far too old for that shit!  I know what you mother fuckers were thinkin’.  Excuse my French.  Anyway, there was an actual clothesline on the fuckin’ moon and all it had on it was panties and stockings.  Well, she thought that was a little odd seein’ that clotheslines usually have other things on ’em too. She ran inside her trailer to tell Fiona the frail fortune teller and Tilley the titelating trapeze artist, but no one was to be found!  To her dismay, everyone in the menagerie had up and disappeared!  Could the clothesline have something to do with it?  Mavis decided to investigate.  She went and grabbed Gertrude and a flashlight, and they set off on their adventure.  -To be continued…

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