The Truth is Weighed

30 Apr

Mavis seems to keep knockin’ into new fellas every which way she turns! Today, this fella came out of nowhere. She was so startled she toppled over into the dusty circus floor. Her wooden leg flew off, and the dude had to help her back to two “feet”. Anyway, this guy is another new one at the menagerie. (Imagine that) They must be on a hiring spree at the big top or something with all these new faces popping up out of the blue. He is Fontino the Great, the man that can guess your weight (for money that is) Woah! Mavis was impressed. When she was a gal of fewer years, you couldn’t get her to admit her age to someone if you paid HER, but she was intrigued by this circus act, and wanted to see if it was real or a bunch of flummery. So, she told the Great Fonino that she was interested, handed him her dough and hobbled up onto the scale. As the meter began to rise, the crowd collected around them. How much does a 101 year old hippo trainer with a wooden leg weigh anyway? To her dismay, she was extremely heavy! Mave was mortified! She turned to Fontino, accused his machine of being lousy and then shouted, “well my wooden leg is heavy too!” She stormed off to her trailer. Later, she apologized, because as we all know our panty struttin’ damsel does indulge too often in chocolate, and her ass has been expanded lately. For laughs, Gertrude decided to get weighed. The crowd went wild! You should have been there!


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