The Underground Panty Ring Expose…

30 Apr

There is no way to begin a story about wistful panty dealers.  You are either in or out.  The story began about a year ago when I was hitch hiking across Kentucky.  I met a man named Arthur Pithy.  He was originally a shirt salesman from Alabama, but he decided to get into a more exciting career and began to turn out undies.  Now, I was not keen on the idea of being his assistant panty dealer, but I needed the cash, so I joined in on the endeavor.  He had so many panties!  It was like the mountain of panty plenty!  Talk about lace and color.  I was mesmerized.  When my mom called and asked, ” Mave honey, whatcha been up to lately darlin’ ?” I just uncomfortably grinned and said, “Nothin”.  At first I thought a lady could not possibly be a panty dealer, but boy have things changed since then!

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