Three Legged Cat

30 Apr

Mavis’ trailer is ancient (like her).  Don’t tell her I said that.  Anyway, one day she stepped out of her heap-of-trash wagon, and she heard a soft murmur under the rotting stoop.  Gertrude came stomping heavily around the corner.  Her curiosity was peaked.  Hippos have amazing hearing.  She lowered her enormous head to see what the little noise was.  To her surprise, it was a marmalade kitty cat.  Unfortunately, Gertrude was minutely afraid of felines, so she retracted.  Mavis scooped the kitty up.  She quickly realized that the lovely cat was missing his hind leg!  They were kindred spirits.  Mave decided to name him Curry because of his lovely golden spice eyes.  He adopted Mavis as his master right away, and they became the best of friends!  Gertrude immediately became jealous.  Mavis told her that she would simply have to accept the feline into the family.  One day they all sat down together and Mavis put Curry in front of Gertrude.  Gertie, terrified, began to tremble.  The furry feline began to purr and pranced over to the hippo’s leg.  He gingerly rubbed up against her.  Gertrude realized, at that moment, that he was her friend.  After that, Gertrude began to carry Curry on her back around the circus grounds.  They were one big happy family!  -The end  love Juniper


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