Tight Panties

30 Apr

Mmmmm….Mavis has the biggest sweet tooth in the universe!  Lately, you’d think she had a bun in the oven or somethin’, but you know better seein’ that she was born in 1907.  Crazier things have happened you know.  Besides she would be thrilled to have a baby.  And the menagerie always welcomes new arrivals.  The other day, The Siamese Twins gave birth to their first baby.  Every one was placing bets on which hoo-hoo the baby was gonna squeeze out of:  Bessie or Elsie.  She came hurdling out of Bessie!  They named her Twyla.  Anyway, the point of this story is that Mave’s ass has been expanding by the minute lately due to all the crepes, tarts, and creme brelee.  She cannot even fit into her favorite panties!  Her regulars have even begun to notice.  Herbert Fugelmun said just the other day, “Gosh Mave, you sure are lookin’ curvy these days.”  She turned every shade of red, hobbled into her trailer, and began to sob.  You see, Mavis has always had a superb figure.  No more sweets for Mave!  She and Gertrude will be on the same diet for a while!  -The End


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