Times Are Hard Repairing Crotches

30 Apr

With the war overseas going on right now and our you-know-what making a stinking fool of us.  Our economy is going to go to hell.  I have decided to take up the panty repair business.  How many of you gals out there have that favorite pair of lacies in your drawer that just sit in the depths with a little hole in the crotch?  Well, no need to fret darling!  Mavis is here!  I have a needle and thread in every shade and colour!  Just bring your CLEAN and torn/worn out old panties to me.  Never fear…Mavis is here!  I can repair even the saddest examples of old undies.  Once, a lady (her identity will remain undisclosed for the sake of privacy) brought me a pair of panties that were in the most disgraceful shape.  They looked as if she had put them in a blender and turn it on high. I must say I was a bit reluctant to take on a job such as that since I was a tad concerned as to how they had gotten into such horrible condition, however, I just clenched my teeth and did the best that I could!  They turned out spectacular!  Send in your burnt, torn, stretched, and ripped up panties ladies and (gents)!  Mavis now repairs undies…(hard times).  Thanks a lot for understanding!  -love Mave

P.S.  Just Fucking kidding…I don’t want your stinking panties…it was just a joke!


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