Update From Mavis

30 Apr

The cold weather has made my wooden leg spring a leak. I had to take a bath with my leg hangin’ over the side of the tub, and then Gertie interrupted and slipped on the soap suds. I was so pissed I took my thong and thwacked her on the noggin’! I’m gonna get the circus master to move the tub inside. I am so sick of taking baths outside! I never really feel clean anyway. I’m really a warm weather gal. The circus is not conducive to wearing heavy coats and such. I love wearing tights, panties, boas and nothing else! Well, the silly kid is due in a few weeks! Woopdee doo! Aren’t ya’ll excited? I am. I can’t wait to get rid of this lump. The Siamese twins are looking forward to their new addition. Well, I guess I’ll keep you posted on babies an stuff. Sorry, I’ve been so absent lately. I’ll be writing more once the baby is born. Love, Mavis

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