Whatever You Want

30 Apr

Dear Readers, It’s me, Mavis, I am writing now, because I just had the sudden thought:is one’s job priority or should a person’s passions never lose the spotlight? What I’m trying to get at is, that if you get a degree for instance, and then you go out and get some job to pay the bills. What if you get stuck working that 9-5 job for the rest of your life and never truly get to live out your dream? I’m a bad example, because I don’t take no crap.  I wanted to join the circus, so I did.  But what about people that get degrees in music and never get to make music?  Or what about those that get degrees in art and never make art?  Some would say it’s their own fault. I don’t know. I think it’s sad.  I say, whatever you want, go out and get it! The circus is a lot of fun. If anyone wants to join, we’re always training and hiring new acts.  Come on down. I’ll fit you for a costume and we’ll decide whether you’re a knife thrower, a tightrope walker, or a lion tamer.  Whatever mows your lawn. Sincerely yours, Mavis Rose Sinclair

P. S.  Please excuse the horrible grammar and punctuation in the prior blog.  I happened to very vehement at the moment, and my education must have temporarily gone down the lou!  😉  Love you guys!  Thanks for putting up with my bad spelling and such…you are so loyal!


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