When It Rains I Snore

30 Apr

Too bad it’ raining!!!  The mud is covering my favorite pair of shoes.  But who gives a shit, because I don’t have to be in this hellhole anymore.  I don’t ever have to see you, or you, or you again!!! I get to leave this shit hole!!!  I got what I wanted from this place.  There’s nothing left here for me but scenery.  A tree or two.  There are shopping malls, fast food joints and parking lots just like every other place I want to avoid in this world.  If I had my way, the circus would still roam the earth like it did in the good ole days when the land was pure and fresh, and people still love the land that they lived on.  All I have to say is that I have paid my dues in this town, and it is time time time to move on.


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