Whiskey and Me

30 Apr

Sometimes a girl needs a drink. I know I said I wasn’t drinkin’ whiskey, but I sipped the sauce last night. And boy was it delish! I was feelin’ kind of lonely, and the moon was shinin’ bright, so I cracked open my secret stash and took a big swig. That swig led to another and so on… It was beautiful. Just me, Gertie, and a bottle of Whiskey, sittin’ on the front porch…Edith Piaf droning in the background. I am fond of these lonely moments. I cherish them. It’s these times that one remembers and folds up in a piece of cloth, tucks away in a pocket and keeps in a safe place somewhere. No one else shared this moment with me, and that’s okay. It was mine. My lonely, sad, whiskey, drunkin’, porch-sittin moment. To boot: we can all learn from this that lonliness can be a safe and happy place if we only change our perspective. -Mavis


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