Who is Mavis?

30 Apr

Mavis Rose Sinclair, “Panty Dealer Extraordinaire”:  Hippo Trainer With A Wooden Leg. Folks, Mavis Rose is my alter-ego.  She is a manifestation of my subconsciousness.  A figment of my imagination.  However, at the same time she is real.  Mavis is a real living person.  She exists through me and I live vicariously through her.  The following stories are a record of my life recorded through Mavis’ eyes.  I use events and people from my every day life and transform them into the parallel world of the circus.  The events are sometimes entirely fiction.  However, there are true elements derived from my life that I have suited to Mavis’ exciting circus.  Each one of the following stories is a consecutive tale or thought born from my subconscious.  Juniper, Mavis Rose’s alter-ego is not revealed until later.  She often writes for Mavis when she’s out of town or not feeling well.  For some of the tales, I create ornate three-dimensional sculptures as a visual accomplice.  Enjoy!!


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