Woman With Two Faces

30 Apr

On top of old smokey all covered with cheese there was a poor meatball waiting for me!! Is that the way the song goes?  Oh, sorry, sometimes I get off on tangents.  Well, Mavis is feeling lazy today, so I decided to step in for her and write about an interesting event that happened recently.  I know how you all just love the gossip!!! I do too!!!  Well it’s quite a unique story, you see.  It is not every day that Mavis and I get the chance to go on little adventures.  But every now and then, we get a day off!  So, we decided to take Perle with us on a little bus ride into the local town nearby to explore the nooks and crannies.  Usually, a small town like that has little to offer in the way of entertainment.  But, Mavis and I are experts at stirring up trouble and finding ways to have fun.  There was a quaint cinema, (the old fashioned type).  It only sat about 50 folks.  Mavis was tickled to death!!! It took her back to when she used to enjoy the talkies for five cents or less.  After the flicker, we walked about and searched for a bite to eat.  There was a seedy diner that I had to practically yank Mavis’ leg off to eat at.  But, she finally agreed to eat there.  The food was actually delicious considering how grimy it was.  And it had some decent tunes on the juke box.  Stuff like a turkey on Thanksgiving, we hobbled to the local farmer’s market and packed our bags with fresh produce.  We were about to call it a day when Mavis whispered something in my ear.  “Juniper, look over there by the flower vendor.”  As I flitted my eyes in that direction, (trying not to be obvious), I noticed a woman hunched over wearing nothing but black with most of her head veiled by a scarf.  We were intrigued by how she stood out from the crowd of flannel shirt and overall clad locals.  Who was she?  Of course, Mavis and I are the “curiosity-killed-the-cat” types, so you know what happened next.  We had to get a closer peek.  Subtly, we nudged our way through the crowd.  When we were close enough to speak to her,  Mavis and I knew that one of us was going to have to say something.  I will admit, Mave tends to be the brave one.  She tapped the mysterious woman on her shoulder.  Suddenly, the lady jerked her head in our direction.  Her eyes were as black as ink and her hair was like a horse’s mane.  We could tell that she was angered by our inquiry, but she asked, “what is it that you seek?”  Honestly, we didn’t know.  Mavis and I really just wanted to see her face.  Stunned and at a loss for words, we invited her to join us at the circus for some tea and cake.  Surprisingly, she accepted.  Her name was Machete, and she, like Mavis was around 100 years old.  Machete was from a small town in Morocco and was Jewish by faith.  Back at Mavis’ trailer, we offered to take her cape.  She refused vehemently.  We sipped our tea and chatted, getting to know her all the while.  As time went by, Mavis and I both could not help but wonder what was under her veil.  That night after Machete went to bed.  Mavis and I decided that we had to know what she was hiding if she was to stay with us any longer.  We plotted the next day to “accidently on purpose” remove the scarf.  The next morning, Mavis prepared breakfast.  As we ate, we planned that Gertrude would barrel past Machete and knock her over revealing what she was hiding.  To our surprise it worked!  As the veil slid off the woman’s head we had no idea what to expect.  But, it was incredible.  She had two entirely separate faces.  One was the previously described one.  Jet black eyes and course hair.  The other face was that of a goddess.  Her eyes were blue like the sea, and her skin was like ivory.  Although her hair was black, it was glossy and wavy.  We were stunned.  Mavis and I were speechless.  Machete screamed and scrambled to put her scarf on.  “I can’t explain it”, she said.  “You would not believe me if I told you how this happened.”  We let her stay one more night and told her that she would be an amazing addition to the circus.  But she said that she could not bare all of the questions that people would ask her about her two faces.  With that she left.

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