Wooden Leg Confiscation

30 Apr

Finding the peg leg wasn’t an easy task.  It took the help of the entire menagerie.  Everyone was very generous with their time even though we were all very busy setting up for the next big show.  The Siamese Twins got a babysitter and started searching.  Lucille the Lounge dancer put on some clothes and began the hunt, and all the animals that were aloud out of their cages even pitched in.  It was beautiful.  All of the teamwork:  It made me realize that I am loved.  The circus is my family.  Anyway, the search went on for about four hours and it seemed like nothing was going to turn up.  We even called the local police to file a report in town to no avail.  I was so tired of wobbling around on one leg, and I really wanted to find my other leg, when all of the sudden little Clancy, the lion tamer’s son, came runnin’ up to me yelling, “I found it!, I found it!”  But, he didn’t have it with him.  I asked him where it was, and he dragged me by the wrist while I teetered speedily with him toward the fortune teller’s tent.  It turns out, the fortune teller saw in her crystal ball that thieves had snuck into my wagon and took it, burned it, and that it was no more.  Whether it is true or not, we may never know.  I don’t know whether I believe in such hocus pocus, (No offense Eilene), but I do know that when we arrived at the next town, I was able to get a brand new leg fashioned for myself.  It’s purple mahogany with hot pink laces!  Boy is it fancy.  This time, I’ll be more careful where I stash it.  And thieves be ware, if you so much as touch this one:  I will pummel you to death with it!

Love Mavis


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