Elgina, The Tightroping Narcoleptic

11 May

We have a new addition to our circus folks! She was recommended to us by Adelaide the Magnificent! She walked in, and we looked her up and down. “Not a freak”, we thought. “Not an animal”, we thought. In our minds, it was difficult to decide what this young lady could possibly be. We invited her to dinner that night. She chatted and smiled amicably, told us her name was “Elgina”. Hmmmm, a very old fashioned name. I liked it. “Maybe she’s old”, I thought. As the night waxed on we all became suspicious… And I noted that she did not drink. “How odd,” I thought. After supper, I took her aside. I just had to know what talent had brought her to the circus. She simply replied, “I’m a narcoleptic tight roper”. “Impossible!,” I thought. She explained to me that as she walks the rope, her narocolepsy kicks in. However, one would think that her feet would give out as her body became limp. This is not the case! “Elgina the Narcoleptic Tight Roper” just keeps on ropin’! It’s the most bizare thing you’ve ever seen in your life. To snap her out of her trance as she reaches the end of the rope, a performer placed in the audience subtly reflects Elgina’s make up compact at her lovely face! It’s brilliant!!! Welcome to our family Elgina! The End-Mavis


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