Old Man Gedansk Part II, By Tom Wilson

25 May

Old Man Gedansk into the kitchen walked, pulled out a kitchen chair sat down and began to talk, and as he talked mutt came in, and after failing to find anything good in the bin, curled up on Old Gedansks feet, yawned a big yawn and went to sleep. no i was interupted by a group of loud swedes who wanted to watch ice hockey so couldnt think about old man gedansk, who is about to tell Mr Badger beard all about his moose fur pants…or some such tale, and then i must continue with Mutt and maybe a little chapter on Mr Badgerbeard :)…..and as Mutt took his knap, And badgerbeard changed a leaky tap, Old Man Gedansk told of how, he climb up a mountain that rose up through clouds. For days he sturggled up the icey rock, and kept his bits warm with the clever use of socks……


2 Responses to “Old Man Gedansk Part II, By Tom Wilson”

  1. el duderino May 25, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    id like to hear about this badgerbeard now.

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