Skippin’ Along With My Wooden Leg

25 May

As a small child, Mavis’ wooden leg was funny. Pirates have peg-legs, not small adorable children. Imagine our sweet Miss Sinclair as a curly-haired cherub faced little girl, hobbling around on a limb made of wood. The kids would yell at her, “Mavis looks like an old pirate!” Today, Miss Mave wears her leg with pride. It’s her trademark and an integral part of her act. Without it, she could not beat Gertrude into oblivion and the audience would surely be bored out of their gourds. Although the leg is a benefit to her career, it is a hinderence to her life. This hunk of tree prevents her from participating in many activities that normal folk take for granted. Mavis does not climb trees, ride bicycles, jump rope, skip, hop, drive, can-can, high-kick, swim, take bubble baths, run, break dance, hula-hoop, do the splits, step aerobics, kung fu, karate and the list goes on. However, the leg has been a part of the recipe that has made our heroine Mavis Rose who she is today. If we asked her if she would grow her leg back, I wonder what she would say?

2 Responses to “Skippin’ Along With My Wooden Leg”

  1. Rita Childress June 3, 2010 at 2:14 am #

    hmm… i don’t think she would grow her leg back. but that’s just me…

    • mavisrose June 3, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

      remember… the leg is a metaphor for my epilepsy… wouldn’t it be awesome if it went away?

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