Topsy Turvy Skirts

25 May

You know that intrinsic feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time?  Sometimes, you think to yourself,”this person is a real asswipe!”  Other times you might think, “well, I might get used to this nimwit.”  There is the rare occasion where you immediately take a liking to a person.  They are the types we dub charisma, charm, personality etcetera.  At the circus, we get A LOT of that.  There are many new people coming and going at any given moment.  So, I have learned, over the years, to keep my guard up.  And when necessary, I am on the lookout for the “newbies”.  Today, was such a day.  (As you may have guessed by the intro)  The wind was glorious!  The flags sailed at their fullest and the tents made a caucophony of bass drum sounds.  It sounded like when my mom would beat the dirt out of the rugs from our wagons.  It was a lovely day.  All of the patrons wearing skirts were squawking each time her dress would flounce up with the breeze.  I saw a lot of cute panties today!!!  Nonetheless, the story is about a newcomer you see?  We have a new act!  This one is quite unique.  It involves an incredible amount of skill, bravery and technique.  This lady comes to us from Switzerland.  She has been in the circus ever since she was three years old.  Her name is Giula and she is a unicyclist/contortionist/fire breather.  And she does not do these things separately;  Giula Giula!!  does these three tricks in unison.  Her technique is of grace and elegance.  We didn’t believe her at first.  (of course)  Even I have been in the circus for almost 100 years and have never seen a person mount a unicycle, contort and proceed to breath fire.  She’s a multi-tasker alright!  Giula is like a one woman band!  It’s pretty incredible.  You’ll have to come out to see for yourself.  First, she mounts her unicycle (which is on a tight rope mind you).  As she gains her balance, her flexible body molds itself into a statuesque shape on the cycle.  All the while, she is contorted using both hands and feet to cycle.  Halfway down the rope at one point, she pulls something from her costume.  Like magic, Guila blows fire from her pursed lips!!!  It’s truly an amazing act!  The crowd was perplexed.  We are glad to have her!!!  -Mavis Rose


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