Stinky Socks a Cause for Panty Gas Masks!!!

3 Jun

It was a lovely circus tonight the show went so well…. Except for the terrible smell. The entire show there was this putrid odor perminating the entire area. Guests were complaining about the “stinky feet” odor. What could it be? In order to make the audience happy, Gertrude and I handed out panties for them to cup over their noses like masks. Surprisingly, panties are great raunchy smell filters! After divying out all the pretty panty masks the circus-goers were quite pleased. The show must go on! It was quite a sight. While Gertrude and I put on our ass kicking show, each and every audience member clutched a pair of pretty lacy undies over their noses. It was quite a sight I must admit. Well, after that, I could not rest. I needed to find the source of this awful odor!!! It was horrendous. So after the last show was over and the guests had all dispersed, each and every performer set out to see what was causing the putrid stench. We searched high and low. Finally, Gertrude, Juniper and I stumbled upon a shack. It was engulfed by thousands of… get ready for this… stinky, sweaty, smelly, holy, old, skanky, junky, putrid, dirty socks! And they belonged to non other than…. Freud the Miser. Who else? We told him that we could smell his nasty pile all the way to the circus tents. You know what his reply was? “What? I don’t smell that bad!” He has no idea. What a sicko.
Good thing we were moving out the next day. Freud’s bad hygiene is bad for business! -Mavis Rose

P.S.  The panties made great circus souveniers


One Response to “Stinky Socks a Cause for Panty Gas Masks!!!”

  1. Rita Childress June 3, 2010 at 2:07 am #

    knowing who Freud the Miser is just adds another level to your brilliant comedy!

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