Beatrice’s Amazing Flying Red Slipper

4 Jun

Beatrice and I were a little schnockered. The world was spinning round and round. As we spun and did cartwheels and headstands we giggled in unison! Suddenly, Beatrice, with powerful momentum, made an amazing cartwheel! Everyone in the vicinity was star struck! She flipped with such force and vigor. She’s such a natural at acrobatics. Her body fell with a graceful thud and her bare feet flopped down into the cool grass. Where were her red slippers? We crawled around on all fours scouring the entire area. “I found one!”, she yelped. The second one was missing. About to give up all hope, Lucille-the-Lounge-Dancer, discovered her missing shoe lodged way up in a tree! We were so tickled. We laughed for hours! Beatrice has an amazing flying red slipper!!! -Mavis Rose

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