Gypsies With Boas

8 Jun

It was my day off yesterday. I didn’t have to wrangle or wrestle with Gertie. And I certainly didn’t have to deal with any other circus bullshit. I really did need a day to my self. Our circus is camped on the outskirts of a semi-small town called Dentron, Texas. The inhabitants are quite unique. I didn’t realize this until I took a stroll around the city. We hadn’t performed for them yet, so I was unaware of the types of folks who live here. I set out to explore blindly not knowing what I would encounter. This is one of my favorite pastimes; creating my own adventures. No more than five blocks out of the circus tents, I saw a small white farmhouse up on the right. I could see some people perched on the porch. As my steps took me closer, I heard guitar music mixed with laughter and conversation. “Hey, come up here and have some barbequed chicken with us!”, someone yelled. A man dressed in all black invited me to join the people on the porch. Up on the porch, I surveyed the crowd. There was a beautiful young woman. Her hair was that of Lady Godiva. She had supple bountiful breasts that bounce subtly when she spoke. Seated to her left was a gypsy with raven curly hair. At first, I was unaware that he had a small boa constrictor coiled into his shiny locks. On the steps was perched a stoic man with sharp eyes. He slowly strummed an airy tune. Each person seemed a part of the ambience. They were the ingredients to the formula. My experience yesterday on that porch was hinged on the soup made by the people that I met. We chatted for hours. And we were silent too. Listening to the man strum his guitar, watching the boa writhe around the gypsy’s strong hands and seeing the lady’s bosom move with each sentence was entertainment to say the least. The man clad in black who called me to the porch was a character too… he was loud and brash; constantly waving his hands through the air telling jokes. You know what I realized after I left? I had spent the evening on the porch with the circus. I was right at home. I even invited, Alejandro, (the boa-clad gypsy), to come join us at the circus. He said he just might do that. It was a wonderful day. –Mavis Rose Sinclair


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