The Panty Show Must Go On!!!

14 Jun

It seems as though the looming severity of a bad economy has finally hit home. I noticed it the other day when Louisa the Snake Lady came to me and said, “Mavis, I don’t know if I can survive on pennies-a-week anymore. No one comes to my show.” She explained that the last several circus events had been scarce. Just as Louisa would let her snake slither and writhe around her neck and through her arms, crowd members would slip out the tent doors. Attendance at all of our shows has been a record low. The Siamese Twins suggested all we ladies hike up our skirts and “show a little more thigh” to attract more customers. Jun and I always assumed that people needed more entertainment during hard times. It’s my theory that we should lower our prices and advertise a grand show. People really do need an exciting distraction during economic decline. Look at the 1930’s and 40’s. I remember when it happened then. We did the same thing. People were unable to afford certain luxuries. But they always went to the circus! You know why? Because people need to take their minds off of their sadness. That’s what we’re here for!!! Step right up folks!!! Mavis Rose Sinclair will cheer you up!!! Gertrude and I will duke it out on the dusty floor for your pleasure. We’ll spar for a while… (a teaser). We’ll do a little dance around and around and around… Then POW!!! I’ll rip off my wooden leg and pop Gertrude smack in the forehead. This little dance will continue. The crowd will go wild… “Yeah! Hooray! Wow!” Then, for the grand finale… I’ll have Gertrude in a headlock on the floor, take a pair of lacy thong panties out of my pocket, strangle her into submission and sling-shot them into the crowd! -The end
Love, Your Hippo Trainer, Mavis Rose Sinclair

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