Tales of a Junkyard Junky

15 Jun

Meandering through the piles of splintered wood, broken glass and old refrigerators, Ashaya Rayn and I were beginning to realise that this might not be such a good idea. The Miser told us that we could use his roof to sunbathe. So “Ashaya the Fire Juggler” and I decided it would be a swell idea to get a bit of summer sun. We had no idea what we were getting our selves into. As we walked up to the junk yard, Ashaya (who had never seen The Miser’s house) looked shocked. Her eyes swelled with fear. You must understand that this young lady is very brave too. For her new performance at the circus, she juggles huge orange, red and blue flames as if it were second nature. But the sight of the junk yard was overwhelming. For some reason, despite our hesitation and fear, we continued forward. Clad in bikinis and freshly-applied sunscreen, Ashaya and I were about to find out what roof-sitting in an old junk yard was like. So, as I mentioned earlier, we walked past so much junk!!! There were old T.V.’s, fans, piles of metal, rusted nails and anything else you can imagine. Finally, Freud the Miser said, “we’re here!” Ashaya looked at me with true fear in her eyes. I thought at that moment she would truly want to turn and flee. But she stood her ground. We were going to have to climb a rickety old ladder up to that old roof. And this old lady, with her wooden leg, was even more afraid. I volunteered first anyway and made it safely to the top. Once we were all up, the realisation sank in: it was overcast. All of this for no opportunity to sunbathe! Oh well! Freud insisted that we continue on. And sure enough, on the other side of the roof, a bit of sun peaked through the clouds. Ashaya and I strategically laid out our blankets and specified that Freud needed his own. Once we cracked open a can of cheap Texas beer, the junk yard didn’t seem so bad!!! Some time went by. The sun felt crisp on our skin. This old lady doesn’t necessarily need any more sun. But who’s counting? Freud wouldn’t shut up! He was going on and on about how great he was, how many women he gets and this and that. He was definitely showing off for Ashaya.  We were really enjoying the sun, clouds and the view of the beautiful garden over yonder. Finally, Freud got tired and left. We were elated with joy. And not only that, but I had to pee really bad! There was no way in hell that I was gonna use his nasty-ass toilet. I’ve told you about the way Freud-the-Miser lives. His toilet is black and it’s missing a seat. So, Ashaya laughed while I peed off the side of the roof! We had so much fun! -Love, Mavis Rose Sinclair

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