Your Lovely Gypsy Mama: Mavis Rose Sinclair

20 Jun

It’s not easy being a gypsy. People see you in public and they think, “Oh my God! Look at that disgusting gypsy! She should bathe more!” or “Oh my! What is that? Is that a wooden leg? Is she a pirate or something?” Now, ya’ll have some kind of romantic vision of gypsies in your heads, right? Don’t lie!!! Come on!!! Close your eyes for one second… ok don’t close your eyes ’cause then you couldn’t read this. But, imagine this… your entire lives you have been told this idealize or stereotyped description of “a gypsy”. Fill in the blank here_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Ok. Now that you have given your version of a gypsy, I am going to tell you what a “real” gypsy is:

We are misfits.  Each and every one of us has been traveling for a while. Now, I am only speaking from experience. And, I may be generalizing. So, if you are a gypsy with a different story, please, by all means…. speak up! But, anyway… We each have individual stories, come from different backgrounds and usually have unique talents. In the circus, gypsies are very fortunate. Do you know why? Because we have an outlet for our unique abilities and we are able to make a living, (although meager). Otherwise, most of us would be on the streets. Many gypsies are merely “travelers” by trade. Some are dishonest; this is true. They tend to steal for a living and give other gypsies a bad rap. We honest gypsies do not respect them. So, to those of you out there: when you think of us, please regard us as talented dignified people. Because most people deserve this kind of respect and so do gypsies!
Sincerely, Your Hippo Trainer Gypsy, Mavis Rose Sinclair


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