Bearded Lady: R.I.P.

22 Jun

Every circus needs a bearded lady right? Well, our circus has had one for a while. She’s absolutely fabulous! Usually bearded ladies are pretty damn ugly. But ours is a looker! Young and sexy… I know what you’re thinking. How can a woman with a beard be attractive? Well, I’ll tell you what! This gal (her name is Bessie) has bangin’ curves and a smile that goes for miles. It’s kind of hard to see her smile at times due to her massive beard. But her grin is sooooo big it shines through her chin pubes every now and then! We really cherish our unique Bearded Bessie. However, this morning, you won’t believe what she confided in me. In Denton, Texas there is an “Unbearding” contest. He or she who removes the craziest beard of all, wins. Hence, our lovely Bessie has decided to pay to get electrolysis and remove her gargantuan beard! What a sad day that will be!!! She will bring before photos of course and wow the contestants and judges. No doubt a lady with a beard will win!!!
I’m gonna miss her terribly and we’ll have to start a search for a new lady clad with beard… But I must say, I am a bit proud too! I hope she really does win. R.I.P. to our Bessie Bearded Lady (Figuratively speaking, that is) -Mavis

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