The Man With No Legs… And Very Thin Walls

27 Jun

Juniper here… stepping in for Mavis.
She wanted me to relay her stories while she’s away on a much needed break. Our dear hippo trainer is using this brief amount of time to think. Much is happening in her life at the moment. As you all may know, she is a seasoned woman of 104 years… wise to say the least. This year is the the point on which the pendulum swings in dear Mavis’ life. Late you may be thinking? This has not been the only turning point. But our heroine, Miss Sinclair, has confided in me that this is one of the most epic because she is 104 years old. When something like this happens… Okay, let’s use the age-old cliche over used saying:
“I’m standing at the crossroads”
Which way do I turn?
Well… there’s always up and down and curvy and such… or you can take the parabolic path… hahaha!
whatever that means…
tangent… Sorry… I’m back… Mavis really wanted me to focus and let ya’ll know that she’s okay and that she’s merely taking time off to collect her self in order to figure out “the next step”. She wants to be a hippo trainer… but something is missing.
Anyway, there is this great story that she wants me to relay to you. Last night, Mavis called me from a pay phone… (undisclosed location of course)… The tale goes like this:
There was a seedy motel arranged for her to stay in by our circus manager. She hated the looks of it from the start. But didn’t have a choice because the circus was footin’ the bill. The ceiling was leaking, the lights buzzed and flickered and she could hear everyone and their dog doing the horizontal polka all night long coz the walls were as thin as newspaper. Reclined pseudo-comfortably in a room tackily clad in 1970’s decor, Mavis realized that this was a very strange and poor retreat from her day job. “Why didn’t I go to the mountains or the ocean or another country?” She felt stir-crazy and could no longer be confined in that horrible motel room…
Up the street was a quaint, 24-hour diner. Mavis ordered a cup of coffee and a slice of key lime pie. The waitress was very friendly but curt. Mave enjoyed the solitude and emptiness of the late night. An hour passed. When the door opened, a man in a wheel chair rolled in slowly, gripping the door clumsily. As he edged toward the counter, Mavis noticed that he did not have his legs. Hmmm…. She wondered what had happened? A very curious gal… we know!
Miss Mave taps him on the shoulder as he’s ordering a Dr. Pepper and a cup of ice. “Would you like to join me?” she asks.
The two of them sat and chatted for several hours.
It turns out that this man lost his legs on the train tracks.
His wife was mad at him and tied him to the tracks… left him for dead. But… all that the train got was his legs. Mave said he was a pleasant fellow around the age of 60. However, she had the impression that he must have treated his wife pretty badly to have deserved that kind of treatment. Nonetheless, he had served his time as a crippled man for forty years now. Not to say he’s forgiven. But, at least she got some revenge… Whether it was equal or not… that’s for you to judge. A lot of people would like to take a wife-beater and tie him to the train tracks. Sounds pretty good, eh?
Well, this guy told his story and Mavis told him hers. Overall, our lovely hippo trainer’s night turned out to be an eventful and interesting night. She didn’t go back to that seedy old roach motel until 4 am!!! But, who would want to go back anyway? Until next time… Juniper


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