Edie Mae Attracts More Men Than Usual

3 Jul

It was a seemingly usual day at the circus. People meandered in and out of the tents, chomped on candied apples, melted cotton candy in their mouths and crunched popcorn. The sky looked like a baby blue pillow with white fluffy stuffing billowing out of the torn spots. The menagerie animals were all orderly in their cages awaiting their shows and I was anticipating a high-energy performance with the stand-in for Gertrude, (pregnant hippo-hoochie). But, something was amiss . Over at Miss Edie Mae’s tent there was an incredible line flowing out of the door. Edie usually does get a lot of attention from the boys. However, I had never seen such a line trailin’ out of the tent! Out of sheer curiosity, I hobbled over to see what the raucous was about. By the time I got to her tent, the line had gotten even longer!!! It was incredible. I tapped one of the guys on the shoulder, “Excuse me sir, what is all this about?” He told me that word had gotten around that Edie Mae was the best titty dancer around these parts, that she was simply amazing and that every man would desire to set eyes on her gorgeous hour glass figure. Sure enough, each man that came out of the opposite door had a grin on his face as wide as the Nile. And oh boy! Edie made a mountain of tips that night! It was quite unexpected too! She was elated! I am so happy for you Miss Mae…
You are amazing and deserve the best in the world!
Love, your best friend, Mavis Rose!

2 Responses to “Edie Mae Attracts More Men Than Usual”

  1. Rita Childress July 3, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Thanks Mavis!!! I sure did make a killing that night!

    • mavisrose July 3, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

      You know the full story Edie Mae… 😉 You sure did make a killing… and I think the trend will continue for years now that all those “boys” know how hot and sexy you are.

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