I Am Not Your Burger Slave

5 Jul

Mavis speaking. Remember how I relayed to ya’ll that I had become a nasty ole burger flipper? Well, those days have come and gone like the tide. This week was supposed to be my first week so I went in to get my schedule. You know what that asshole boss did? First of all, he hadn’t posted the schedule until 2am! How unprofessional is that? And then he yelled at me because I asked him a question. I assumed that if this is how I was gonna be treated even before I had started workin’ there, I’d better high-tail my ass outta there before it got worse. I know what ya’ll might be thinkin’. You need a job! We’ll I know that. I’d rather be broke than be a burger slave to some Fascist assholes! So that’s my story. I’m gonna find a way better job, you’ll see!


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