Glam-Rock Bearded Dreams!!!

9 Jul

In my dream last night I took a bubble bath with bearded man. There were luminous bountiful bubbles bouncing this way and that. It was wild! I haven’t taken a bath in years!!! (My wooden leg gets waterlogged.) But the lovely bearded man seduced me into the frothy tub. It was absolutely lovely.
Squeaky clean, the bearded Adonis lead me to a giant room filled with cakes, tarts and anything else a hippo trainer’s sweet tooth could desire. Seated around this table were all of my best friends and closest family.
The lovely bearded man pulled out a chair for me at the head of the table, (of course). Everyone greeted me with smiles and hellos.
All of the sudden, there was a loud crash of symbols! A cacophony of music chimed and boomed from all directions. When I looked around the room. There were so many costume-clad performers surrounding me! Once they were in there place, they each stood as still as soldiers. Then, I heard a whistle! It was simply amazing! A decadently dressed man appeared in the gap between the frozen performers. He looked marvelous!  A lush tailored costume and freshly painted make-up brought to mind glam-rock performers of the 1970s. This man’s face was painted entirely white and his eyes and lips were heavily decorated with bright color and glitter. It was as if he were wearing a mask. Like a gentleman should, he took my hand, kissed it and told me this was all for me.
“Let the dance begin!”
With a swooping wave of his arms the music, singing and dancing commenced!
It was gorgeous!
That is how my dream ended.
I tell you. This is a true dream. I wish I knew who the bearded man and the masked glam-rock man were.
Oh well. -Mavis


4 Responses to “Glam-Rock Bearded Dreams!!!”

  1. Rita Childress July 9, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    That was all so much fun!!!

  2. mavisrose July 9, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    I woke up and thought, “Woah, where the hell did that come from?”

  3. burnt Fuchsia July 11, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    love the title

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