Siamese Twins Menage a tois

20 Jul

It’s not easy being me. Everyone thinks this circus gig is easy peasy. I have news for you!!! Because I am a circus-gypsy veteran and have been a part of this circus longer than anyone else, people are always coming to me for advice about this and that. It seems that Miss Rose is the queen of the roost these days; the “circus matriarch” per say. It kinda has a nice ring to it don’t it? It’s as if I am the hippo queen; the leader of this maniacal monarchy.
For instance, the other day the Siamese twins came to my trailer. “Mavis dahling, can you fix this little problem we’re having?” I don’t work miracles!!! You won’t believe what they asked me. It seems that being joined at the hip has its downfalls. Although the twins have a lifelong friendship, a sense of comradery and a duty to stick with the other at all times, there are some disadvantages too. This time they were fighting over the same man, but refused to share him. I always assumed they were doomed to a lifetime of menage a tois. Most people wouldn’t complain about that! In fact, a lot of people only dream about hittin’ the hay with more than one lover.
But put your self in their shoes. If every time was a menage a tois, you might lust to have your lover alone.
There is something to say about a passionate one-on-one tango in the sack with your lover. It’s intimate, special… But the Siamese twins will never have that luxury. I thought about what they pleaded for assistance.
Solutions? Roll the dice, flip a coin, place a bet. I just told the ladies that they needed to work out the boy fight between the two of them. However, I made some suggestions. Share. Get a divider to make the other’s love-making less noticeable from the other side of the bed. Eye masks and ear plugs. These were the only pragmatic suggestions that I could come up with at the moment. And yes, they left in a huff without the ultimate solution that they sought from yours truly. I’m not Mother Teresa people! I don’t have all of the answers. If you need some advice, I will gladly give you my opinion. However, just because I am a seasoned circus gal, it does not mean I can solve all of your problems. To boot: I don’t mind your inquiries, but I make no guarantees. Sincerely, Mavis Rose Sinclair


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