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Chiffon The Magnificent!!!

18 May

A teacher once said to me… “Life is ephemeral, transient and temporary.” I was only 17 when she said it so I did not quite understand the gravity of those words. But as time has passed, people started to disappear and I realized how fragile life is. This story is dedicated to a very good friend who made a very big impression on many people and will never be forgotten.

It had been a long busy day at the circus. Even though the weather had been strange, the shows were magnificent. The sky was miserably cloudy and the wind gusted the tents, but all of the circus performers put on their best shows. Edie Mae danced her wildest fiercest dance and made tips galore! My show with Gertrude was fabulous and the crowd went wild! Overall, it was a very successful day at the circus. At the end of the day, we were all tuckered out and decided to build a big bonfire to sit around. It was spectacular!!! The fire was crackling and dancing in the moonlight and most of the circus family was gathered around gabbing about the day’s events. The Siamese Twins, Edie Mae, Beatrice Elmore, Old Man Gdansk and several others were warm and cozy chatting.  When all of a sudden they were interrupted by a clang and clatter of noise from a distance.  It kept getting louder and louder.  Finally, they realized that it was a beat up old jalopy car scooting up to their fireside.

Boom! Bang! Clang! The car backfired and sputtered to a stop.  Everyone was still.  Who was in this car?  It was an old beat up car.  One of the windows was merely a plastic trash bag.  The paint was peeling off the doors and through the back window I could see piles of junk.  A few minutes passed.  We waited.  Who would get out of this horrendous car?  The front door swung open with a creaking smack!  We were all surprised to see such a well dressed man, because a pressed and tailored appearance did not mirror the shabbiness of his transportation. And… we cannot forget to mention his smile.  What a beautiful, beaming and contagious smile!

At the circus we are always open to helping people passing through.  He said he was traveling, having some car trouble and in need of a place to stay and maybe some work.  His name was Michael and he was from Alabama.  We asked him if he had any special skills or if he had ever wanted to be in the circus and he got really excited!!!  He had been trained as a fashion designer, he loved high heels and he had always wanted to juggle.  I thought for a bit.  What could a fashion designer juggle?  What if he juggled scissors and high heels?!?!  We decided that that would be the perfect circus job for him!  And because chiffon was his favorite fabric, his circus name would be “Chiffon the Magnificent”.  He loved it!

Chiffon the Magnificent practiced juggling scissors and stilettos day and night!  A pro and a big hit, the crowds went wild!  Chiffon was immediately loved by the whole circus.  He became an instant family member.  We all loved our new friend.  It seems that he left as soon as he arrived.  We all feel he left too soon.  I’m just glad “Chiffon the Magnificent” got to be part of our circus!!!  —-Right Edie Mae?

We will always love you Michael!!!