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We All Love Our New Panties!!!

4 Dec

The panty give-a-way was a hit! I have never seen so many people lining up for a pair of panties in my life. It was a dream come true. The best part was watching a grown man shriek like a little girl who just got a pony when he received a pair of sequined scivvies.
The icing on the cake was the carnies prancing around with bloomers on their heads. It truly was a sight. (People get very creative when there are large amounts of panties involved). I saw little girls using panties as purses, little boys pretending to be superman with panties over their shorts and an old lady using her pair as a hanky. It was delightful! I am soooooo glad I could share the bountiful joys of undies with the crowd. And my plan worked! We had record sales that night. Edie Mae made amazing tips dancing in her new panties and tassels too! I think I might do this again. It was like Panty Thanksgiving. I provided a cornucopia of panties and the crowd feasted on ruffles, sequins and lace. Thanks everyone for your support! It was a blast! Love, Mavis


Attencion! Panty Smorgasboard Satiates Your Growling Belly

28 Nov

Where have I been? I don’t know. The circus, of late, has been infringed upon by the grumpy economy. Slowly, but surely, folks have delved deep into their pockets to return to revisit the wonders of Mavis Rose’s Circus. The panties are cheap! Come out and see lacy, tight and tantalizing splendor of panties galore! I’ve got sequins, ruffles and a delicatessen of delicious colors ready to satiate your panty lusting desires. It seems that scanty drawers are an enticement during economical declines. Everyone loves panties, right? But to all the booty-dazzling people out there… I have had many circus patrons proudly admit that they prefer to leave their scivvies at home. Lo and behold, my dear friend Dolly is a proud supporter of “the commando” ethos. However, since most folks prefer to coat their sumptuous asses in luscious decor, the circus’ life has, once more, begun to regain the popularity it so deserves. To boot: if you would like to see Mavis’ Circus survive, please visit to receive a complementary pair of panties of your picking with purchase of a ticket. Thanks so much for reading! Our circus family thanks you! P.S. Wedgies, wading and thong-string revealing strongly discouraged. Bloomer peek-a-boos, panties-as-a-hat and g-string slingshots strongly suggested!