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Rub a Dub Dub… There’s Saw Dust in My Tub!!!

11 May

New town today.  We set up shop and I went exploring as usual.  I always check out the scenery. Both the nature on the outskirts and the more metropolitan areas.  A lot of the time, there isn’t much in the way of city scape where we perform.  Anyway, today I decided to explore the curious section of woods near camp.  I love the peaceful sounds and earthy smells one encounters inside the tall trees.  I had been hiking around for hours.  There were amazing plants everywhere!  And my favorite… moss!  I saw something out of the ordinary off in the distance.  I decided it would be my last adventure before I headed back to camp.  As I wandered closer, I realized it was a small house.  Hmmm…. Who would live out there?  They surely would have to hike for miles to get to civilization.  I assumed no one lived there.  As I reached the front stoop, I did notice a large amount of cob webs and bird’s nests.  I just helped my self to the door.  It was opened.  There was not much in the way of furniture.  But, I was beginning to suspect that it was, in fact, being lived in.  There were dishes on the table and a hint of cooked food in the air.  However, the most prominent aroma was the lovely lingering fragrance of freshly cut saw dust.  As I continued toward the back of the house, there was a trail of dusty footprints.  I felt, at this point, that maybe I should turn around.  But I figured that if I had come this far, I might as well continue.  I followed the saw dust prints for a bit.  As I did, the sound of harmonica music began to fill the air.  The further I walked, the louder it got.  The prints stopped at a door that was slightly ajar, but the music continued.  I was so curious!  The smell, the sound!  I was utterly enticed by it all!  I peeked through the door… You won’t believe the sight I saw!  It was a guy wailin’ on his juice harp in a huge tub full of bubbles!  There was a sixer of beer on the saw dust covered floor!  And guess who this guy was?  None other than my old friend Tindr Badger!  What a small world!  I’m not sure how he was gonna get all that saw dust off by sittin’ in it like that.  I think the bath was more for entertainment.  Nonetheless, it was a sight to see!!!   -Mavis Rose